Green Building Certification

The official certification of a building, using a well-developed and evolving benchmark, ensures that the best holistic building solutions are delivered on your project. We offer a variety of certification options through the GBCSA and USGBC.

We can assist in:

  • Providing workshops for Green Star, EDGE and LEED certifications.
  • Developing strategy and budget assessments for achieving ratings.
  • Guidance and support through the assessment period of the project.
  • Site monitoring and reporting to ensure strategies for ratings are implemented.
  • Management of documentation and submission for review and certification.

The GBCSA offers the following rating tools:

Green Star New Buildings: Developed for new builds or major renovations, these rating tools cover Commercial Office, Retail, Multi-Unit Residential, and Public and Education Buildings.

Existing Buildings: Developed to assess and confirm the sustainable performance of existing buildings, with a focus on the efficient operations and management of the building. This can be reassessed every 3 years and ensures that the building is evolving as policy and technology develop.

Interiors: Developed for new office and tenant directed fit-outs and can be applied to a single or multi-tenant fit outs.

EDGE for Residential: Developed by the International Finance Corporation, EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) caters specifically for the residential property market. This is a cost-effective rating tool aimed at single/multi-unit residential homes and developments.

The LEED rating tool offered by the USGBC is developed for New Buildings