We challenge the status quo by pushing the boundaries in architecture to create great buildings

The Creative Axis Architects are a leading architectural firm, offering comprehensive expertise and known for award-winning design excellence.

Our firm’s portfolio covers all major sectors and operates across South Africa. Our offering is based on the availability of a large skills base within the brand, characterized by strong conceptual legibility and innovation, all underpinned by the principles of enduring sustainable design.

The use of technology is pushed beyond boundaries to achieve extraordinary results. We feel that we can never learn enough – we are passionate about furthering our knowledge of the industry.


Value Add Proposition:

We continually strive to provide value added services to clients based on their specific needs on particular projects.

We look at projects holistically and aim to get the most out of them, discovering newfound value in each and every undertaking. We also seek opportunities within the program or design and maximise it. With each project we learn more about creating forms and places, serving processes and people, and minimising energy use in providing comfortable and healthy environments. We are constantly developing new components, exploring new ways of using materials, and developing innovative environmental responses.

Our Expertise:





Shopping Centres

Department Stores


Interior Design

Space Planning