The Creative Axis Architects take a trio of Awards at SAPOA 2017

Trio Award

It’s always encouraging to be recognised for the work you do. At the recent South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Conference, the Creative Axis Architects team took home a total of three awards.

The SAPOA Overall Heritage Award

We received this prestigious award for our work on the Transformation of the Delville Wood Memorial in France.

The SAPOA Overall Transformation Award

Our work on the Lord’s View Industrial Park project secured us this coveted award.

The SAPOA Green Innovation Stand

By applying the same principles of sustainability to our stand as we do to all our projects, we secured our final award of the evening.

Trio Award

There is significant merit to being recognised by SAPOA, as projects are judged on the strictest criteria. Only work of the highest standard that meets of the demands outlined by SAPOA is eligible for consideration.

As we look forward to next year’s conference, we will continue producing work of a high standard, not simply to keep winning awards, but because it is at the very core of our philosophy. For all of those who attended the event and took the time to visit our stand, we hope to see you again next year at SAPOA 2018.

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